How to Use This WebHelp System

Following are explanations of WebHelp features:

Using the Navigation Frame

The navigation frame contains the following tabs:

Tab Name


Contents Tab

Presents a hierarchical, expandable/collapsible table of contents.  You can display each subject area in as much or little detail as you want. Following are the meanings of the symbols used in the table of contents:


plus.gif (88 bytes)msbookcl.gif (916 bytes)

A "book" with subtopics that are not currently displayed. Click the plus sign to display the subtopics.


minus.gif (83 bytes)msbookop.gif (934 bytes)

A "book" with subtopics that are already displayed. Click the minus sign to hide the subtopics.


A "page" that has no subtopics beneath it.  Click to display the topic.


whglobe.gif (916 bytes)

A link to a document on the World Wide Web. Click to display the document.

Index Tab

A list of index entries.  To find a term, do one of the following:

  • Type a term in the box labeled "Type the keyword you are looking for."

  • Scroll through the list until you find a term that interests you. To hide or redisplay the terms for a particular alphabetic index heading, double-click on the alphabetic letter. To display the topic for a particular term, double-click that term.

Search Tab

To search for a single term, type the term in the box labeled "Type in the word(s) to search for." Then press Enter.

To find a topic that contains several words, type all the terms in the box, separated by spaces. Then press Enter.

To perform a Boolean search, add the keywords AND, OR, or NOT between your search terms. You can include parentheses to group parts of the expression together. For example,

quick or (toolbar and pane)

The searches

  • Are always whole-word searches.

  • Are not case-sensitive.

  • Ignore all punctuation marks, such as periods and commas.

Using the Topic Frame

The topic frame displays the text of the current help topic.  You can scroll up and down the topic by using the scroll bar and arrows on the right side.  You can also scroll side to side by using the scroll bar and arrows on the bottom.

Changing the Size of Frames

You can change the relative size of the frames by clicking on a border between the frames and then dragging the border to resize it. For example, if you want the navigation pane to be wider, click the border between the navigation pane and the topic pane and drag the border to the right.